Do you enjoy working with kids? seeing the results of hard work? Take pride in having athletes you train compete in national and world competitions. Like Aliah-age 13 was ranked 3rd in the nation and 10th in the world in 2017. Mary-age 7 rankred 3rd in the nation 2018 (level 6).
So, if the old Gymnastics bug has bitten you, and you are ready to jump back in, drop us an
e mail. We offer classes in a Variety of areas: Womens artistic,T&T,and recreational gymnastics. If you are rusty, we can get you up to speed. Don't wait! click on the send e-mail now and let us help get you get back in the game!
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The Coach Assistant will work directly with the athletes and coach. You will learn to use hands on techniques for spotting, gymnastics terms, safe coaching practices, and safe sport practices. Many of our Athletes go on to compete in national and world competitions, and you can be a member of the driving force that makes the dream of these young athlets come true.
Interns work around the gym, learning more about the sport of gymnastics and how we teach it to everyday kids that become extraordinary  athletes. Work with athletes like Aliah who took 10th place at the worlds competition in 2017 in Sophia Bulgaria, and Mary who placed 3rd at a national competition in 2018 held in Reno, Nevada.
We are thinking about retiring. If you have an interest in having a nice business with very nice parents and kids to work with, located in great place to live, contact us today!
Click on the mail box and e mail us today
Click on the mail box and e mail us today